Running a Successful Pop-up Shop for an Online Store

What happens when two university admissions counsellors decide to bring their passion for Southern style and access to education together? Well, if you ask Steven and Thomas, they’ll tell you an online store that sells hand-crafted bow ties and two entrepreneurs who just ran their first successful pop-up store inside a trendy women’s boutique in Mississippi. This case study walks you through the journey of two friends and their quest to run a side business while using a portion of their proceeds to help students out with scholarships for school. From coming up with a concept, going through the search for manufacturers, setting up their online storefront, to what it takes to run a pop-up, these two have a lot of great tidbits and insight to share. Whether its using pop-ups shops to add another sales channel or using them as a way to increase brand awareness, The Good South, is a testament to why the trend is here to stay and why every ecommerce entrepreneur should consider giving them a shot. Let’s dive right in. 

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